Top 5 Best Hotels Near London Stansted Airport

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We all know that the Stansted airport from London is a very busy airport where lots of planes land and take off every day from and to any corner of the world. Therefore, there are plenty of travelers who need a good accommodation close to the airport for at least one night. In order to find a good hotel, you should have a look at this article where we have made a top 5 with the best hotels near London Stansted airport.

1. Radisson Blu

This is one of the best accommodations close to the London Stansted Airport. The hotel has plenty of good reviews, and therefore, lots of happy customers. The rooms are very clean and spacious and equipped with free Wi-Fi and air conditioning. In case you need stay one night close to the airport before or after your flight, then Radisson Blu is an excellent choice.

2. Holliday Inn

This is another hotel that we strongly recommend you due to the fact that it is very close to the airport and also extremely nice. The provided comfort and free Wi-Fi throughout the entire hotel will definitely satisfy even the most demanding customer. Other facilities are also provided such as free parking, restaurant, room service, and airport shuttle as well. In only 5 minutes you will get to the airport, which is certainly a huge advantage.

3. Novotel

Just like the hotels mentioned above, we are sure that Novotel will offer a very comfortable and satisfying stay. It has the same facilities such as Holliday Inn and Radisson Blu, and it is another excellent choice you could make. The room price is reasonable in comparison with other hotels of this type in this area which cost a lot more. Novotel offers the comfort a person needs before or after the flight. We guarantee that you will rest very well because Novotel is one of the fewer hotels in this area that offers wedge pillows and not regular models. This type of pillows can be used in a different position for different health benefits. For example, if you put the pillow under your neck you can eliminate the unpleasant symptom from acid reflux and also reduce back pains. Furthermore, if you place it under your feet you will also be able to improve your blood circulation. If you are a side-sleeper, then you should use this wedge pillow for resting very well without any sort of pain or neck pains. Therefore, whether you want to rest very well before your flight or you want to recharge your batteries after a very long journey, we strongly recommend you to book a room at this hotel. With such a comfortable and innovative bedding you will certainly enjoy to the fullest your stay.

4. Elsenham Lodge

This hotel is only 3.6 km distance from the airport and it has everything you need for a lovely stay. For an additional cost, you can benefit from taxi transfers to the airport, which is a fantastic advantage. This place is rated for the best value in the village of  Elsenham. A self-service breakfast is served every day from 03:30 until 9:00, and it includes delicious marmalade, toast, and a selection of cereals. Remember that if you feel alone and you need some company, you can always request the services of an escort, because London definitely has plenty. Just have a look at the specific websites and feel free to choose what you want.

5. Premier Inn

Premier Inn provides a range of room types, in order to satisfy every customer’s needs. It is situated at just a mile distance from the airport, and it is also affordable. Furthermore, it has its own restaurant and bar where you can enjoy contemporary and traditional dishes with a nice glass of wine. Furthermore, snacks can be served at any time. The airport train station provides a quick connection to London, and the A120, which is extremely close, joins the hotel to Highway M11 in under 5 minutes. Couples in particular love Premier Inn and they rated this hotel 8.5 for a 2-person trip. More than this, this place is also rated for the best value in this area. All in all, guests are definitely getting more for their money in comparison with other properties.







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