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Skirting World is a company located in the city of Birmingham in the United Kingdom. They deliver architrave and skirting boards anywhere in the country. By browsing their website, you will learn that the specialists of Skirting World take pride in their work and as such, they deliver exceptional quality and affordable quotations. Furthermore, they have a wide range of different profile designs that come in a multitude of different sizes. Skirting World has pretty much anything that you need in terms of skirting, whether you are looking for a few fancy boards or a bulk of MDF boards, they have it all.

MDF is the material of the century, quickly becoming a standard when it comes to skirting boards, especially in the UK. An MDF skirting board is much more durable than other types of boards such as softwood, and it is free of impurities. Additionally, MDF skirting boards are moisture resistant and you can opt for a superior type of MDF called HDF that also comes in different sizes and is quite affordable.

As a general rule, all the skirting boards that you will purchase from Skirting World will have a perfectly matching architrave. If you want to learn more about the products that they offer, you should definitely pick up your phone and get in touch with their very friendly team.

Skirting World uses only top quality materials such as Pine, HDF, and MDF and all the products ordered by their clients are custom made. If you are currently on the lookout for architraves and skirting boards and you are on a budget, don’t hesitate to check out their website.

Not only do they ensure that every piece of material used is of the best quality possible, but they only work with materials that are sourced in a responsible way. Another important aspect that the experts from Skirting World always pay extra attention to is the manufacturing process. A skirting board is made of numerous layers of material also known as sheets. These sheets are carefully examined for impurities and trimmed. Afterward, they will go through a spindle or a molding machine by a machinist who will ensure that the design is implemented correctly. Before the process is complete, the boards will have to go through a second visual inspection. After the boards go through this inspection, they will pass through a spray room where a polishing specialist will apply several layers of primer if the order requires this technique. In-between coats, the boards are sanded and once they are completely dry, a The boards are hand sanded between coats and once fully dry, they will go through a denibbing machine that will make them smooth and ready for the final layers of paint.

Before sending the boards to the clients, the Skirting World specialists will make another visual inspection. If they are happy with the final product, the wrapping team will start packing the boards using shrink wrap and cardboard edge protection because it is important to prevent the boards from getting any damage during transportation. Last but not least, the customer receives a high-quality product in no time.



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